Cha-san stopped eating about ten days ago.
mama-san and papa-san crawled under the table to feed him.
Sometimes he licked but refused to eat.
He got up to drink water every 2~3 hours which was much less than before.
He didn’t have his toilet for four days, only peed.
He didn’t hiss or howl anymore.
He stopped bothering mama-san when she does Zoom Zumba in the morning and when papa-san exercises.
He stopped purring.
His body smell became stronger.
Laying all day..
Kenzo was not afraid of Cha-san anymore.
Even Mochi was sniffing and checking on Cha-san on bed.

On January 6th, Cha-san was brought to the Urgent care in Adobe Animal Hospital.
Dr. Bonnar saw and checked on him.
His temperature was 99.6F, and weight was 7.4lb.
Dr. Bonnar could tell that he was sick because of the his body smell.
When two nurses tried to draw his blood, he resisted, but he was so weak.
He passed out at last..
He was taken to the different room for giving him oxysion.
When Cha-san was brought back to the room, he had no reaction for a while..

According to the result of the blood test, his Kidney failure was at the last stage. The toxic level of his blood was so high.
Dr. Bonnar was not thrilled to say but recommended euthanasia for him.
papa-san and mama-san thought that they would bring him home for a couple of days before euthanasia so the neighbors could see him at last.
However, that was not the best option since he was suffering and would be worse at times. papa-san and mama-san weren’t sure if he was suffering. Cats hide their pain.

Dr. Bonnar gave papa-san and mama-san extra time to contact neighbors to say goodbye.
Cha-san could see neighbors with camera on and listen to them talking to him.
One of the neighbors came to the hospital to see him in person.

We all thanked him before he got sedative shot.
We were still talking about Cha-san after he went to sleep. That was what he liked at a parking lot. He liked being in the loop of the conversation.
Dr. Bonnar came back in 15 minutes to perform the euthanasia. She did very gentle for him.
He moved to heaven peacefully in mama-san’s arms while papa-san and a neighbour watch over him.

Thank you, Dr. Bonnar to help him move on to heaven peacefully.
Thank you, all of those neighbours who loved him so much and supported him for a long time.
He was a very lucky one lived as a feral cat for 16 years at a parking lot.
Also he was the smallest one in the house but the big presence and impact for all of us.

Thank you, Cha-san..
We all love you, Cha-san/Diamond/mimi/kitty/master.
Please rest in peace.
You will find us and we will find you again.
Arigato Cha-san..

Last picture of Cha-san mama-san took

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2 years ago

What a beautiful being & wonderful friend he was & is, I miss him so much and also grateful he’s at the greatest peace now. Im endlessly grateful you took him in & Gave him a loving home & family to spend his final 3 months in such a beautiful cozy warm setting where he’d even ask for pets & ear scratches! Thank you for all you’ve done for him including helping him go peacefully when it was his time ??????Rest In Peace beautiful Diamond, Cha-san ❤️We Love & Miss you and are so so grateful for all you shared with us and taught us and for connecting us to the community of caring neighbors who all love you dearly ??❤️?

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