Cha-san is laying all day

Usually, when mama-san starts a day, he gets up as well, eats, drinks water, and explores the house.
He becomes a domestic supervisor when mama-san does Zoom Zumba or papa-san does exercise.

These three days, he does not get up when mama-san does Zumba.
He gets up when he drinks.
mama-san tries to feed him whenever he gets up.
He eats less, and going back to his bed.

Since he is laying most of the day, his muscles are getting weaker.
He seems to lose his weight..
It is nice being wrapped with warm blankets and being lazy but it makes him getting weaker faster..
mama-san will check his weight when he gets up next time.

His Health record:
He ate 1/8 of k/d wet food, Kenzo’s leftover wet food, 1/8 scoop of regular dry food.
No toilet, only pees.
When he shakes his head, he is not stable.
The way he walks is wobble.

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