Cha-san Sleeps More and Eat Less

Cha-san stays on his bed most of the day.
He gets up and checks around the room while mama-san does zoom zumba in the morning. He gets up to eat and drink also.
Otherwise he is enjoying been wrapped with warm blankets.

However mama-san starts to worry since he does not eat/drink so much.
He eats k/d food but sometimes he refuses to eat it, and eats Kenzo’s leftover when he finds it.
Since Mochi finishes Cha-san’s food, mama-san can not leave food for Cha-san so much.
Cha-san has a auto feeder opens only for him but it seems not been used so much..
mama-san has been feeding on his bed every night again and hopes he eats more..

He has his toilet( no.2) every other day.
mama-san thinks to feed non k/d food so he can eat more.
She bought “WELLNESS Signature Selects Tuna & Shrimp” which is his favorite.
He ate good amount tonight?

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