Still waiting for the call from SVACA to give the info to the Vet. So they know that his ownership has changed. Then he can get prescription food for the kidney.

His dry food (one scoop of 1/4 cup) was empty this morning.
He drinks a lot and pees a lot.
Steps on his pee and comes back to his bed, so his bed is mess ><.
His diaper pet sheet was changed when he got up next time.

12:00 p.m.
He ate a half can of food w/ med.
He can eat dry food by himself but needs spoon feeding for the wet food.
You think he is done but when he has a spoon by his mouth, he can still eat.
It might be forcing him to eat but he can finish it after all 🙂

8:30 p.m.
He ate 1/3 of b.f.f. package. He is not biting but only licking so solid part is left.
Still waiting for his toilet (no.2).

10:40 p.m.
He peed.
Massaged his body to give him stimulation.
Mochi fearfully came in the room but Cha-san does not seem to care about her, or did not notice her lol.

His medicine for kidney might be causing his constipation.
Will consult to the doctor.
Thank you, Kristine for your advice!

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