Gathering neighbors’ stories.
Cha-san/Diamond/Master/kitty/mimi/black cat (depends on caretakers) in the parking lot at least for 16 years.
He was usually under the cars. He preferred trucks, SUVs.
He looked toward the street as if he was welcoming you to the lot.

There must be days he endured.
His nails were poking into his paws.
He walked feeble.

He did not like people being closed to him.
He always hissed at you when he got surprised by someone comes close to him. Sometimes he hit you.
He used to come to you when he was hungry and you have food for him.

He likes animals, he followed the neighbor cats.
He waits for his friends to show up.
Animals and birds also come to him since there was always food where he was.
He was the destination for other animals/birds who were hungry.

His hair was still beautiful in 2020. However, something happened, and his hair got matted.

He was caught by volunteers to help him and was taken to Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA). They were going to cut his nails, trim matted hair, and return him to the lot.
However the decision made was different.
Since he was old and in not good health condition, they decided to perform euthanasia.

Neighbors didn’t agree to do that, so they worked very hard to get him back.
There was not enough time to save him, so they contacted each other, and arranged who could do what.

He was finally rescued from SVACA, and brought to the vet. for a physical check and treatment as a requirement to get him back.

When the doctor looked at him, he said “Oh my god ….”.
Not only his hair was matted and nails were poking to his paws, but also
he had a lot of fleas. He also had kidney problem.

They anesthetized him, cut his nail, and shaved him.
When they shaved his skin, he got deep cut because his hair was so tangled.
They gave him a bath, put ointment, and released.

He used to know a parking lot in hot/cold/rainy weather, cars/trucks, racoons, birds, nice people who feed him and talk to him.

Now, he knows cosy warm blankets, toys, brushing, sqitchies, family, and home.

He is a survivor.
He is very strong 🙂
He is so special 🙂 🙂

Happy cat now 🙂

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