Cha-san might have some stress.
Now, mama-san leaves his room door open all night, so he can explore whenever he wants.
He seems okay with Mochi ( Mochi is the skittish one and hisses at him).

When Kenzo tried to come home through the cat door, Cha-san was right in front of the door.
As soon as Kenzo noticed him, he stepped back and didn’t even bother to come in.
Poor Kenzo, he had to stay outside and had a cat fight with Lovely-chan (a neighbor himalayan cat). He normally loses.?
Kenzo only comes back to the house when he needs to eat or drink, but he has some limitation now.
Kenzo was born in a family with dogs and cats.
He has a young baby boy character, and he is usually okay with other animals, but is afraid of Cha-san.

Lovely-chan tries to come in the house. She is a neighbor cat who comes to check Kenzo and Mochi everyday?

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